Saturday, November 3, 2012

DAY 2- I made it to day 2

Wow I cant believe I made it through day 1, Once I left work, I went to yoga and then came home and made a salad (half of spicy boca patty, 6 tomato pieces, red wine vinegar), Lean Cuisine, and vanilla almond herbalife bar and went to sleep....

Today was a little harder

I had my shake for breakfast

and then.... I have a subway veggie patty for lunch (wheat bread lettuce onions avocado salt pepper oil vinegar). I really shouldn't have but if I had to cheat that would be the place to do it.

When I got home i made tofu tacos, I didn't have a full tortilla I cut 1/8 out and chopped it up with tofu, salsa, avocado, 2 small pieces of shredded cheese,

Also my boyfriend and I shared a small cheese and jalapeno tamale from whole foods.

I did have Chobani blueberry yogurt with fresh raspberry and black berries, and a vanilla almond herbalife bar.

Well after that I cheated, I had a tastycake e-klair pie from Wawa, a pack of gushers, and this graham cracker peanut butter thing. I CHEATED, hopefully the more I say it, the less I will do it. 

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